2016 Results Amendment

Unfortunately, the results announced at AAAI 2016 workshop were erroneous.  In particular, the additional matches that were run to separate the top four agents, seeds 100 and higher, were biased as all these matches used the same sequence of cards.  We gratefully thank Vahe Hagopian who brought this to our attention.

This introduced bias invalidates the previously posted results for the Bankroll Instant Runoff competition, where in a sense it resulted in an effective sample size of two between the top agents.

To correct this error, additional matches between the top four, and subsequently the top two agents, were run.  The log files, crosstable and ordering have been corrected on the results page; an errata has been added; and measures to prevent this particular error from occurring again have been implemented.

The Bankroll Instant Runoff winners are:

  1. Baby Tartanian8 (Noam Brown and Tuomas Sandholm, CMU)
  2. Slumbot (Eric Jackson, Independent)
  3. Act1 (Tim Reiff, Independent)